Chloe Temple – Peeping On A VR Thief (13.02.2019)

Chloe Temple - Peeping On A VR Thief (13.02.2019)

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I was looking all over for my VR headset to play the latest video game, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! My college roommate Chloe Temple most likely went through my things once again, which really annoyed me. My friends warned me about living with a girl, but now I was starting to see how much of a pain in the ass Chloe was. That is, until I heard her moaning from down the hall! I peeked into Chloe’s room where I was shocked to find her wearing my headset–and watching fucking porn! She was masturbating with a dildo and I saw this as a great opportunity to slip my cock between her dripping wet pussy lips! After that experience, I’m more than happy to be living with this cock craving slut!

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