Azura Alii – Fake Neighbourhood: Peeping Sam (15.06.2019)

Azura Alii - Fake Neighbourhood: Peeping Sam (15.06.2019)
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28:41 1,24 GB MP4 1920×1080


Every night around midnight, Sam creeps out of his house in the Fake Neighbourhood to peep into the neighbours’ windows. One night perving around the neighbourhood, Sam catches Azura Alii robbing a nearby house. Fancying himself a vigilante, Sam follows Azura home, and when he sees her strip and take out her vibrator, Sam starts jerking off! The noise he makes alerts Azura to his presence, and the ginger babe traps him, ties him up, and offers him a deal: if he keeps quiet about the robbery, she’ll make him a sex toy. Horny Sam accepts the offer, and graciously accepts a sloppy blowjob before fucking Azura until she cums!