Candice Demellza – Elements Episode 2 – Water (10.02.2019)

Candice Demellza - Elements Episode 2 - Water (10.02.2019)
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A goddess rising from the waves, beautiful Candice Demellza moves sensually on the shore as Andrej Lupins dramatic Elements episode two Water begins. Her slender body is dripping wet, her gaze sultry and seductive. In the bedroom, the stormy waves of her emotions turn calmer as Nick Ross embraces her lovingly. He slides a hand between her thighs to stroke her hot shaved pussy, then goes down to lick her, making her moan softly. In missionary, Nick thrusts into her slowly, then picks up the pace until she is squealing with pleasure and cumming hard. Candice dismounts to suck her flavor from his rigid cock, stroking and sucking him deep; then straddles him in cowgirl, rocking her hips to ride. She strums her clit as she bounces in his lap, her pussy soaked. Her second orgasm is even more intense as he cums inside her.